Corruption park


‍What is Corruption Park

Corruption park is a creative attempt to clarify the subject in an edutainment form and what suits more than a theme park! Corruption is as old as politics, and the main tune of the park is that everything is not as gloomily as it might seem, and the night is darkest before dawn. This is where colours come into play. From the dark gold/black palette, strongly associated with corruption in Ukraine park, all the storytelling goes to white and silver/transparent to symbolize freedom and transparency. Corruption has a lot of names — plague, black hole, and abyss.
On the other hand, there are countering symbols — integrity and watchful eye. We used both negative and positive connotations to create critical visual elements — The Eye and the Broken Plate, both of which solidify and identify the project through a wide variety of media. The eye is an essential graphic element solidifying the identity across all media, while the broken plate is used in logo and display typography.


Red Dot Awards 2018 winner